Macro Monthly

Reopen vs. reactivate: Lessons from China’s experience Across the world, investors and non-investors alike are focused on when and how economies will ‘reopen,’ after COVID-19 related shutdowns.But just as important, if not more so, is when will economies ‘reactivate?’ In

China standalone investing

China’s economy and investment universe are huge, so what’s the best way to capture China’s growth story? This latest edition of EM/China Foresight outlines the case for a standalone China approach. Key questions include: ▪ Is China recovering from Covid-19?

Macro Monthly

The policy response and its implications This month’s Macro Monthly examines the longer-term risk-return profile for asset classes beyond the current period of elevated volatility. The COVID-19 shock has catalyzed a historic policy response from monetary and fiscal authorities in

Flash commentary: Oil prices and Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Plunging oil prices: the economic fallout | March 2020 The price of Brent crude saw its sharpest decline since the Gulf War in 1991. This came amid tensions between Saudi Arabia and Russia along with market volatility, induced by the

Interview mit Uwe Röhrig | UBS

Uwe Röhrig (Equity Specialist | UBS) im Gespräch mit Dirk Arning (Drescher & Cie AG). 

China Update

Coronavirus, China-Investitionen und die chinesische Wirtschaft sind drei aktuelle Top-Themen. 1. Welche Sektoren werden am stärksten vom Ausbruch des Coronavirus betroffen sein? 2. Wie wird die chinesische Regierung vorgehen und welche zukünftigen Schritte wahrscheinlich unternehmen? 3. Wie werden sich Chinas

Macro Monthly: The case for emerging markets

This month’s Macro Monthly takes a closer look at the case for emerging markets in light of the coronavirus threat. Coronavirus will likely be negative for first-quarter global growth, but we do not expect it to derail the ongoing global

ESG integration in active equities

Forging ahead in sustainability Our commitment to mainstream sustainable investing has given us the opportunity to embed sustainability across active equities and fixed income. We highlight our approach to identifying ESG risks in our investment process, explain our ESG Risk

Macro Monthly: 2020 US election & markets: It’s complicated

For investors carefully considering the 2020 geopolitical calendar and its potential risks, one event looms larger than most. This month’s Macro Monthly takes a closer look at how investors are likely to react to the uncertain political environment in the

Market Outlook: bonds, equities and the economy

              Read our latest update to find out: ▪ Why slower growth in China is fine after all; ▪ How China’s economy and companies will react to US trade pressure; ▪ Why our Head