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For Nordic Friends: Nordic Equity (English)

04. Dezember 2020

In former times, the Vikings were regarded as a nation of brutal robbers. Today, the population of Scandinavia is globally considered as open-minded, sustainable, technology-oriented, innovative traders and merchants. Pharmaceutical products and services by Novo Nordisk, commercial vehicles made by Volvo, Logistic services offered by Möller Maersk, just to name a few examples. In the first half of the year to the present day, Europe's northern stock markets have performed relatively well despite the Corona crisis. What were the reasons? What performance do capital market experts expect for the Scandinavian stock markets? How useful are Scandinavian thematic funds for German investors? What added value can this investment offer?


Dag MesseltBNP Paribas Asset Management
Øyvind FjellDNB Asset Management S.A.


Paul Barthels DRESCHER & CIE AG