How to finance a positive economy?

How to finance a positive economy?

Supporting the positive economy means investing solely in responsible companies committed to financing the virtuous growth of tomorrow. This is a noble objective that could reduce the scope of action of companies whose main purpose is not making the world a better place… but, then again, the world is in full flux…

Current business models appear to have reached their limits. Today, it is no longer possible to create growth while ignoring social inequalities or while failing to combat climate change. The positive economy addresses other stakeholders – not just shareholders – and takes their interests to heart in redistributing wealth more equitably.

The positive economy aims to be more inclusive and more sustainable.

ESG and positive economy analysis: what’s the difference?

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) research aims to select those companies that have adopted virtuous practices. This doesn’t mean that their business makes a contribution towards sustainable solutions.

Companies are not judged on the basis of what they do or produce, but on how they do so. ESG can focus on “polluting” companies that pledge to be less polluting. Such companies fall into the realm of a transition into ESG practices, with a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy and policy focused firmly on reducing their negative externalities.
The positive economy also includes companies that have incorporated ESG criteria, but not just those companies…

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