China standalone investing

China standalone investing

China’s economy and investment universe are huge, so what’s the best way to capture China’s growth story? This latest edition of EM/China Foresight outlines the case for a standalone China approach.

Key questions include:

Is China recovering from Covid-19?
Which sectors offer opportunities?
Why are China bonds outperforming?
Why now for standalone China investing?
What will investing look like in a post Covid-19 world?

Find answers, fresh ideas and much more in the latest edition of Emerging Markets and China Foresight.

No. 1 in China. Again.

UBS-AM tops Broadridge’s China Power rankings for the second time.

Broadridge, a US-based financial services company, voted UBS Asset Management no. 1 for the second time in China Power – their annual ranking of the global asset managers active in China.

In what Broadridge decribed as an increasingly competitive marketplace, UBS-AM outscored in terms of onshore brand perception, AUM, operational strength and business scope.

And this result topped off a busy year for UBS-AM in China in which we have increased our headcount and launched a range of new funds and capabilities.

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