JSS Sustainable Equity - Green Planet Investor Update

14. Februar 2023 | 10:15 Uhr
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During the Webex event, Daniel will focus on the performance of the fund and provide an update on the portfolio and outlook on the strategy. Given the current environment, we would expect a world which is less dependent on oil and an acceleration of the green transition.

The strategy targets pure-players and early stage businesses focused on improving water, soil and air quality. To this end, the actively managed fund selects the most compelling investment opportunities across 4 key themes:

  • Ecosystem Protection: e.g. water technologies and pollution abatement technologies.
  • Resource Efficiency: e.g. manufacturing efficiency, circular economy.
  • New Energies: e.g. solar & wind value chain, hydrogen.
  • Smart Mobility: e.g. e-vehicles, smart cities.

As a result of our approach, the fund aspires to fully capture the power of the green revolution.